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The Company

For over 30 years, the metek GmbH has developed and sold hardware and software solutions in medical technology.

The company specializes in the area of cardiology, and in particular with the development of the DAVID hemodynamic measuring station. Besides an extensive range of functions, DAVID also has various interfaces to X-ray equipment from all major manufacturers.

metek is the only German facturer that offers the entire range of products an services without the help of external contractors. Its technical lead in the area of cardiology department systems is based on an own development department and continuous further education the the employees.


At the present time, metek employs 15 permanent staff members and numerous student assistants at their office in Roetgen near Aachen.

The company's location combines the high quality of life in the North Eifel region with direct connection to the high-technology of Aachen:

The research and education facilities in the region that work closely with metek - the RWTH Aachen with its university clinic, the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, and the Jülich Research Centre (just to name a few) - are perfect sources of technological developments at the highest international level.